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For those who have a burning or beginning love of the Truth, I’ve decided to post online (after much deliberation) the results of both 35 years of study and 14 years of the results of being transformed by the renewing of my mind. Do I know it all? Of course not! Has my life changed since my eyes were opened? Absolutely. I now see the world through completely different eyes, with completely different compassion, and with completely altered expectations. I know now to not have any hope based on any worldly system, but only in what God has revealed to us in the Scriptures and the “New Testament” writings of men of God.

You will find, for now, three sections here. The first section, “The Church Masters,” is the result of years of study into “How did the original Christianity become compromised”? We will discover that today’s “church” is not the “ecclesia” that occurred after Yeshua ha Messiach completed the tasks required of His Father, the One True God, in order to attain to the Kingship of the Earth at the Proscribed time of His Father. This is an ongoing work; there is still much to complete and it will be added to regularly as new information is gathered. However, it already contains much relevant information as to why the “churches” of today do not seem to line up with the early ecclesia written of in the Word of God, New Testament.

The second section is a compilation of writings that eventually became the book, “On the Way.” In these writings, I examine the sinner’s prayer, the tithe, our modern church structures, and particularly, what the Scriptures show us about what Yeshua meant whenHe said, “I am the WAY, the Truth, and the Life; No man comes to the Father but BY Me.” What is the Way to the Kingdom?

In the third section we will examine angels, “Lucifer,” seraphim, cherubim, nephilim, spirits, demons, and other often misunderstood entities that are in the Word but that we often tend to misunderstand, misrepresent, or just “skip over” because of lack of understanding. I am working on producing this section because it is very difficult.

Please read this before you continue:


Why Things Are The Way They Are

(Instead of the way we think things should be)


I am of the firm belief that most people, let’s say 80% of people, desire to be good. No, this doesn’t make them good; to be good requires much more effort than wanting to be good. Conversely, I’m also of the firm belief that about 20% of people have little or no desire to be good.

How do I draw these conclusions? No, I can’t claim that they are the result of hard science or hard data. Such science or data needs to be based on studies and graphs and scientific papers and so forth. And such studies would require a definition of what it means to be “good.” Such a definition is subjective, and based on the viewpoint of whoever is conducting the study, and therefore not scalable in a scientifically conclusive process. The conclusion I arrived at is based on simple observation.

In Isaiah 5:20, we see the following prophetic words:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; Who put darkness for light and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

In my opinion, today, even those who “want to be good” have been herded into a mindset where we call evil good, and put darkness for light, and put bitter for sweet. Why? We’ve been led to do so, and we’ve willingly followed.

Who can define “good”? After all, our hearts are deceitful and no one is righteous. So do we all settle for the desire to be good? I believe that about 80% of us do indeed settle for just that. And I also believe that the other 20% see this as hypocrisy, perhaps justifiably, and so make no attempt at goodness.

Again, who defines what it means to be good? That’s a deeper question than you might think.

The truth is that our world is run by evil people. Most, if not all of those running our world are in that 20% who have no desire to be good or who have a very warped perspective on what it means to be good. Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Libertarian, whatever…those who run our world follow the guidelines set forth by the god of this age, the prince of the power of the air, the father of liars, aka the Adversary, the Tannyin (look it up in Hebrew), aka Satan.

These 20% tend to follow the maxim, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

When Satan declared to Jesus that all the kingdoms of the world are his, Jesus did not depute the statement. And who runs these kingdoms?

The Twentieth Century saw an onslaught against the traditional “nuclear family,” against moral values, against the independent farmer, against the environment, against individual rights, and against free enterprise.  I witnessed this, and anyone who lived the second half of the 20th century witnessed it. Divorce rates sored because of the doctrine of “irreconcilable differences” first enacted by Reagan in California in 1966. God was kicked out of our schools. Thousands of family farms were foreclosed on for missing a single payment on their equipment. Pollutants poured unrestrained into our rivers and lakes. More and more laws were enacted against free opinion and free speech. Big corporations smothered family owned businesses with the pillow of mass purchase power. Saruman had arrived in Hobbiton.

All these things did not occur by accident. A coalition of powerful and well-placed people in government, in corporations, and in media worked with insidious willpower to undermine an America that would prevent them from accomplishing their (Fascist/Marxist) goals. The strong family-based middle class had to go – it was too powerful – and go it did.

The truth is that the majority of the people of this world operate their lives in complete ignorance of 1)what is and 2)who are controlling their lives. We do what we think we should do, and what we think we should do has been programmed into our minds by those who control the world at the bequest of the adversary.

I will set forth two examples of this: In the 2008 Presidential election, the Republicans put forth a very weak combo as Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates, namely Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. Although both candidates attended fundraisers, the attention was mostly garnered by Sarah Palin. McCain, in my opinion, hardly campaigned. At the time, I remember thinking, “Why in the world would the Republican Party put forth a Presidential candidate in whom not many Republican voters have confidence? And then why make the VP candidate the spotlight? And why such a weak campaign by McCain? It was as if the Republicans did not want to win. (This was repeated in 2012 with Romney.)

Add to this that the front-running Democrat candidate, Barak Obama, had as his mentor and guru the top-dog Republican Senator Richard Lugar beginning years before the 2008 campaign. How could this be? I watched, researched, and recorded, with diligence, the unveiling of a scenario that would do Machiavelli proud.

The answer lies in one factor and two extremes.

The one factor? Control by those who really run our Country, and how to keep their power. The two extremes? The Council on Foreign Relations and the quickly emerging Tea Party movement. Those in power knew that the Tea Party was a threat to their control, and so they did as they have practiced time and again: they co-opted the Tea Party movement. And they used the exposure and subsequent popularity of hand-picked Sarah Palin to do so.

The Tea Party of the present bears little resemblance to the Tea Party movement that actually originated in Boston (thus “Tea Party”) in 2004-05. I know this because I personally know many of the individuals who began this movement. In the beginning, the movement was about the Constitution, small government, lower taxes, personal freedom, and the end of the Federal Reserve system. It was the attack on the Federal Reserve that brought forth the plan by the Council on Foreign Relation to co-opt the Tea Party movement. How did they choose to do this? Enter Sarah Palin and Barak Obama.

The two biggest threats to the Federal Reserve were the Constitutional Conservative base and the new crop of young voters who desired change and who were becoming involved in the emerging Tea Party. This is why Hillary Clinton was not given the Democrat nomination – she could not swing the youth vote (not to mention the black vote) in the same way that the “fresh” Barak Obama with his “Hope and Change” message could do.

At the same time, the Council on Foreign Relations needed a “plant” to distract and sway the Tea Party from its original ideals and to factionalize the movement. This is the role played by Sarah Palin. When she “showed up” at Tea Party events (without invitation in the beginning), she began injecting religion, capitalism, and pro-war rhetoric into the Tea Party message. Uninformed Conservatives mostly swallowed her message whole, and the youthful faction was discouraged. And the Tea Party threat was subverted just like that. A few years ago the Tea Party was in all of the political news. Mainstream politicians and bureaucrats alike feared them. I haven’t seen or heard a thing about them in this 2016 election cycle.

After Sarah Palin lost her charm the Council on Foreign Relations needed a new agent to subvert and control the Tea Party movement to prevent it from re-discovering its roots and Constitutional ideals. Enter new Tea Party “hero” Ted Cruz.

What? But Ted Cruz is great! He’s fighting against the establishment for Constitutional ideals! Think so?

To whom is Mr. Cruz married? Former Bush White House staffer and Council on Foreign Relations member Heidi Cruz, who, by the way, also worked for Goldman-Sachs. Worst of all is that she is a student and confidant of Robert Zoellick, who ran the Bush White House and engineered the war in Iraq…not to mention that he designed NAFTA, the China Trade agreements, the housing bubble, and the road to global currency. And he also was a Vice-Chairman at…wait for it…Goldman Sachs before Bush II appointed him to run the World Bank.

There is more. Most importantly, perhaps, is that Robert Zoellick was the Managing Director of the Project for a New American Century, a group comprised of Dick Cheney, Condaleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz (also President of the World Bank before Zoellick) and others who would later be the major players in the Bush II administration. The purpose of the Project for a New American Century? 1) Get George W. Bush in the White House and determine policy, and, 2) invade Iraq to reep the monetary and political benefits. And this began in 1996!

Remember that this is the same group of people who failed to protect over 3,000 American lives (supposedly), the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon from four way-off-course airliners (also supposedly) hijacked by Al Quieda militants with box knives. And they wrote about this happening back in 1997.

Oh, by the way, most of the “hijackers” were Saudi Arabian. But we went after Iraq. Oh, by the way, many of the Bin Laden family were visiting the Bush ranch in Texas when the towers were hit, and were flown out afterwards despite a no-fly order. Oh, and by the way, the “Triad of Evil” was Iran, Syria, and North Korea, but hey, let’s attack Iraq because Colin Powell showed drawings of suspected weapons of mass destruction in a desert somewhere to the UN on national television. I watched this comical (had it not been so serious) event live and could only shake my head at the fact that people are too subverted to pick up on it.

If you believe the government’s account of what occurred on 9/11 then you don’t believe the scientifically reached conclusion of hundreds of Architectural Engineers and scientists that the towers were brought down by DOD-produced Thermate explosives. This puts box knives and non-intercepted hijacked aircraft out of the picture. And perhaps more insidious, I personally believe it possible that the tough good guys on Flight 93 succeeded in overcoming their “hijackers,” and that the flight was shot down for that very reason. No witnesses. Those who control the evidence control the conclusion. Think about it. A couple of box-knife guys against dozens of tough good guys? Who wins? I think that the good guys win, and the plane gets shot down as cover-up. If you use Occam’s razor, the only possible conclusion is that dozens of strong guys overcame a few guys with box knives. And the debris field evidence supports not a crash, but a mid-air explosion. Like from a missile. And where is the plane that hit the Pentagon?

Did I forget to mention that Robert Zoellick was first appointed by (former CIA Director and CFL member) George H. W. Bush back in 1987?

Are you seeing it yet? Our “elected” politicians are really only actors. They’ve been selected by the Council on Foreign Relations to play their parts along with the CFL controlled media for the purpose of distracting the people from what is really occurring. Most people have never heard of the ones who are really running the show. Have you ever heard of Robert Zoellick? He ran our Country for either 8 years or 20 years, depending on how you look at it. I lean towards 20. W Bush wasn’t even calling the shots! Zoellick (provably) was. Zoellick was the “Colonel House” of the Bush agenda. (For those of you who don’t know, Colonel House was the Fabian Socialist who called the shots during at least three Presidential administrations between 1914 and 1936.)

How and why have we been duped? I’m sorry to say that this method of fooling the public goes back centuries. Nothing in politics or economics happens by accident or chance – it is all part of a much bigger plan. You don’t believe me? Please do your homework or continue as you have been. That’s really the bottom line.

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
Franklin D. Roosevelt


(Disclaimer: Some people claim that Roosevelte never made this statement or that it was a mis-quote. I personally do not know. But this I do know: the quote, in its substance, is correct. Everything in politics, whether right or left or moderate, is planned.)


So, a reasonable question is: How did all this come about? Where is the proof?

I’ll have to go back a ways.

Many people profess to be Christians. (I’m sorry but be prepared to be offended). Yet, I know for a fact, most “believing Christians” do not know why God is sending His Saints to take back His Earth. Yet, it’s written clearly for us to see:

“The Nations were angry and Your wrath has come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged. And that You should reward your servants (Psalm 149 – Read it!) the prophets and the saints, and those who fear Your name, small and great, and should destroy those who destroy the Earth.” Rev. 11:17-19

God is sending His Ecclesia to destroy those who destroy the Earth. So, let’s ask the question: Who is destroying the Earth? Sorry to say, the answer is that you and I are destroying the work of God’s hands at the bequest of His enemy, the Adversary.

How dare I say that?

Let’s look at what God said to us in His Law. Yes, I know that many claim (incorrectly) that we are no longer under God’s Law (although we’re no longer under the law of many aspects of the Levitical priesthood, such as the tithe, which God designed to support the Levite priesthood which no longer exists). But please bear with me as I lay out an example of God’s Law that we all compromise…and that will lead to His wrath against us.

In Leviticus 19:19 and repeated in Deuteronomy 22:11, God tells us to not mix together linen and wool in our garments (coverings). Why is that? Why should it matter? Surely no harm can come from mixing wool and linen together, right? Paul gives us a major clue when he explains another law (which, by the way, he is addressing to New Testament believers): Paul explains why God said “Do not muzzle the ox that treads out the grain.” Why not? Because the ox is doing all the work and to withhold the fruit of that work from the ox is both unnatural and cruel. Imagine if you were forced to cook ribeye steaks all day long and you weren’t allowed to taste any of it. You’d say, “That’s not right,” right? But Paul further explained that withholding the grain from the ox was not necessarily the meaning of what God was explaining to us in that law.

God’s laws were designed to protect His natural order, His design, the works of His hands, His Creation, that in six days He made “very good,” …the Earth.

It’s the same with the linen and the wool. God is telling us, “Don’t mess with the nature of the way I created things or you’ll be sorry you did.” God knew what He was doing in everything He created and He gave us fair warning.

So, how does that make us guilty? Look around your house, in your pantry, in your closet, in your living room. How many things do we own that have compromised God’s desire to keep things as He created them, in fact, as He created them very good? Science and convenience and personal comfort have displaced God’s desire to keep His creation, the works of His hands, very good. In fact, He said to us that we “destroy His creation with the works of our hands”. And He’s a jealous God. We don’t fear God, and so daily we compromise His natural laws without thinking twice about it. And for the sake of convenience we’ve polluted (or, destroyed) His lands, His waters, and His air. We’ve done it all for the convenience of driving our cars and microwaving our TV dinners and for Ziploc bags. Not to mention all of our clothes that are made of countless mixed materials such as polyester which then become pollutants when we wash them or discard them.

But I believe that He is even more grieved by another thing related to our dependence upon unnatural products. We have enslaved ourselves to those who produce these things and sell them to us. So think about it: Are we paying money to enslave ourselves to the Rulers and the spirit of the world? Quite simply, yes. Anyone who even remotely understands the Word of God should understand this, and yet we’re mostly oblivious to the fact.

“The entire world economy rests on the consumer; if he ever stops spending money he doesn’t have on things he doesn’t need, we’re done for.”


Bill Bonner

Editor, The Daily Reckoning

April 3, 2003


The whole picture gets way bigger and more horrifying, so if you can’t handle what you’ve read so far, I suggest you take the blue pill and stop now. I’m not kidding. We are willingly and hopelessly enslaved by a Matrix (watch the movie!) of The Adversary’s construction that keeps us blind to our enslavement. By the way, if you choose to stop now, I hope you have a lot of those blue pills – you’ll need them.

So now, back to “Why Things Are the Way They Are.” The sad truth is that our lives are certainly not representing the Way of God (Acts Chapters 2 and 4).

This is very difficult. Where do I begin? How do I show, conclusively, the origins and construction of this massive and seemingly complex snare that has us all enslaved (whether we claim to believe in God or not)?

Paul knew. He knew that this would happen. He knew what we would come to (2Timothy 2:32, Romans 1:30). He proclaimed, while weeping tears, that wolves would come in amongst the flock and not spare the sheep. Today, the wolves are running the sheep ranch. He warned us time and again to be diligent and to follow his example as he followed the example of Yeshua Ha Messiach (Jesus the Messiah). He warned us that if we didn’t follow the rules we would be disqualified (2Timothy 2:4-6). He warned us in every possible way he could contrive. And yet he knew that despite all of his warnings we would be compromised and enslaved by the Adversary. And it has happened. We believe that we “have need of nothing”, but in reality we are “wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked” (Rev. 3:17). We have been completely duped.

To return to the point, how did this happen? The point remains – wolves came in among the flock, some knowing and some un-knowing, but regardless still wolves. It was happening while Paul yet lived – he wrote of it. And once the Apostles were gone the onset of heresy was very quick and brutal, including the murder of all of their “children,” the Ecclesia. Even though the proper prescriptions were given to us by Yeshua Ha Messiach, the Apostles, and the other writers of the New Testament (not to mention the Prophets and the entirety of Scriptures, aka the “Old Testament”), the disease spread very quickly because we did not heed the warnings and follow the prescriptions.

From the second to the fourth centuries many heretical (meaning, not of the truth) interpretations sprung up like weeds in a freshly cultivated and fertilized garden.  Dozens of sects arose, even though we had been warned that the Ecclesia should remain one faith, one body, and one truth. Mostly this was due to ambitious-though-well-meaning men as well as ambitious-though-not-well-meaning men, who lacked the Spirit of Truth without which no one can claim to be of Yeshua Ha Messiach (by the way, that is the proper name for the coming King of Earth!) Every time a new direction sprang from these men, the result was even more sects, which eventually led to the Council of Nicea where men of position would determine the “correct” form of the Ecclesia. Bad idea. And this bad idea was repeated several times over the next 1200 years. The correct form of the Ecclesia had already been established by the Scriptures and Yeshua Ha Messiach and His Disciples and described with great detail.

By the way, I’ve mentioned Ecclesia many times. This word is loosely mis-translated as “church” throughout the New Testament. More accurate would be Saints. But most accurate of all would be “Those who have been called out and made separate.” What have they been called out from and made separate from? They had been called out from false (organized) religion and the spirit of manna, the spirit of the world, in other words, the desire for other things, or stuff.

I could give you the blow-by-blow, but instead I’ll recommend an excellent study, namely, “The Pilgrim Church” by Broadbent. Yes, he draws some mistaken conclusions (particularly about Martin Luther), but his research is singular and extraordinary.

So I’ll skip forward to the Council of Nicea, 325 AD. This “Council,” highly political in nature, eventually led to the establishment of the “Holy Roman Empire.” If Jesus was in His tomb He’d be rolling over in it. The short story is that Catholicism became the “official” religion by giving “Christian” names to pagan holidays and Catholic practices and establishing the groundwork for the Inquisition, which basically meant, “Join the Catholic Church, or else.” What made it worse is that less than a century after this Council, Augustine arose as the intellectual representative of what is today Modern Christianity, with lots of help later from John Calvin. Please bear with me – this is important.

Augustine was a Manichean philosopher, meaning basically a Zoroasterian, who eventually found a welcoming home among the elite of the Holy Roman Empire. I can name no man, excepting perhaps his student John Calvin, who has done more damage to the Truth than this “revered” man. He brought us the wonderful doctrine of inquisition, which states that it is better to torture a man into becoming a “believer” than to allow him to “lose his soul.”  Calvin based his entire “Principles of the Christian Religion” upon the writings of this, well, lunatic. This man set the course for everything that would be considered “politically correct” for “Christianity” for the next 1700 years, up to and including the present day. Millions of true believers and innocents died under the knives of his doctrines.

Enter the dark ages. Yes, I do believe that the Adversary utilized Augustine drastically to plunge our world into darkness after the Light had been revealed, and still does so today. I have at hand a plethora of relevant facts to subsidize this belief.

For the next 800 years, darkness reigned. The Dark Age is well documented, so I won’t elaborate. But during this time, the Holy Roman Catholic Empire established itself as the only light and the only hope (or else!) They were literally, for you Tolkien and Star Wars fans, the “Dark Lords.” If one didn’t follow their doctrines they were tortured and (supposedly) eternally damned.

But an amazing thing happened. After 800 years of the Word being denied to the commoner (because it was always read in the Jerome-compromised Latin and only priests had access to the text), a nobleman in Lyons, France convinced some monks to translate the Word into his native language and for the first time in almost a millennia a “common man” was allowed to read the words of the Scriptures and the New Testament. What did he do? He followed the instructions in the Word and set a blaze to the established (Roman) empires of Europe.

Huh? What do you mean? I never heard anything about this! (I’m sure you haven’t!) It’s time for you to revise the revisionist history books.

The man, as far as can be known, was named “Peter of Waldo.” Peter, upon reading the texts in his own language, and believing the texts, immediately sold all that he had, gave to the poor, made arrangements for his family, and along with a companion set out to spread the news of what he had learned. This act governed Europe and its history for the next five centuries and had a lasting and profound effect on us today.

Peter was almost immediately declared a heretic (in fact, his work is described as the Waldensien Heresy in all Catholic chronicles) after he visited Rome to request the permission of the pope to spread the true Gospel. In response, Rome did two things: they created the order of the “Poor Catholics” to mimic the Waldensiens (aka “The Poor Men of Lyons”) and they established the orders of the Knights, comprised of nobles from throughout Europe, to hunt them down, torture them, and kill them. The Waldensiens were a real threat to the order of the day. (Thus the birth of the Knights Templar and later the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons and the modern-day methodology of banking and checking accounts and the Council on Foreign Relations).

But the cat was out of the bag. Rome couldn’t stop the awakening because every man, woman, and child of the Waldensians learned the Word in their own tongue and passed it on. People began to obey the Word of God as hadn’t happened since the first century. People were hungry for the truth because of the darkness that had been brought by the Council of Nicea.

It spread quickly. And as had happened in the first and second centuries with true believers, the more of the Waldensiens they killed, the more the Waldensiens multiplied, confessing only to obedience to God with their dying lips. Entire towns of Waldensiens were wiped out by the Knights but as the word spread, so did the hope of the Word. Folks, this is not a “story.” It’s all true. And it’s been buried.

This continued for the next five centuries. The Catholic Church and the nobles of Europe could not stop it by killing the faithful. They needed a new plan, but in reality it was an old plan. They needed to co-opt (take over from within) the resurgence of true belief and obedience to the Word. Enter John Calvin and Martin Luther.

As an aside, and before I continue, I want to assure the reader that I did not “draw these conclusions” on some idle thought or intellectual whim. I’ve been studying these criteria for more than 25 years now. I wouldn’t write these things if I was not convinced of the factual evidence available through much research.

From 1200 AD through 1650 AD millions of believing Waldensiens were murdered. When a town of Poor Men was located by the Catholics or Knights or local Rulers, their houses would be boarded and nailed shut and then the houses would be fired with the occupants inside. The Waldensiens eventually had to flee to the Alps to live in mountain valleys and yet they were relentlessly pursued. They were a huge threat to the world order and the ruling classes. If people stop buying your stuff, your power is taken away. And the powers did not want the people to stop buying their stuff (Acts 19:23-27).

What most people don’t know about John Calvin: He was raised, supposedly at the bequest of his father, in the French court of King Louis I. He was trained as a humanist attorney by Andrea Alciotti, a pagan with a flare for symbolism. His chief “protector” was Margarite de Angouleme, a French noble with deep ties to Rome. And Calvin murdered at least 58 people for disagreeing with him. He would burn his detractors with green wood to make the suffering last longer. And to what does he give the authority for his writings? The works of Augustine, the champion of the Holy Roman Catholic Dynasty that he claimed to oppose. And his cousin was Olivetan, the “famed” producer of the Geneva bible. Also, he was a classmate of the founder of the Roman Catholic CIA, the Jesuits, Ignacious de Loyola. Hmm…

What was his career capstone? Was it the establishment of the first Socialist Democrat government in Geneva? No. It was the assimilation of the Waldensiens into the first “World Council of Churches” by his lieutenant Guillaume Ferrell by threatening the extinction of the Waldensiens if they did not comply with Calvin’s statutes. Oh, there is so much more, but I must digress.

There is much to tell and little space in this piece with which to tell it. So I’ll move forward to the relevance of the information I just shared. The Synod of Dort and the Westminister Confession (1618-19), which will set the precedence for politically correct religion from that time to present day was simply a reinvention of the Council of Nicea. But before I leave this subject, a tidbit: John Calvin was the foundation for a group called the Huguenots, who together with the ex-pat Knights and the Rosicrucians formed what is today called Freemasonry, the basis of which is the philosophy behind the Council on Foreign Relations in the world of today. And they predominated at the Synod of Dort and produced the Westminister Confession, which would become a cornerstone of the Constitution of the United States.

So why do I go into all these dry historical details? Because these dry details are the point. Powerful men (and women) in powerful positions have fabricated what we are to believe and how we should live for millenia. And the way they have formulated for us to live is not in harmony with the Word of God; it is just “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.” And all the while we believe that we’re “ok with God.” Why? Well because Billy Graham told us that we are!

Billy Graham. Yet another Augustine/John Calvin. The powers continue to repeat their procedures because these procedures work for them – because we’re gullible. Billy Graham said to come “just as I am.” Yeshua said to forsake all that you have and deny yourself. See the difference? Warm and fuzzy vs difficult. How did Yeshua describe His Way? Difficult. Is it Warm and fuzzy? Easy and Convenient? No cost? No worries, though. You’re “saved.” Ask yourself where you got the idea that being a part of the true Ecclesia is easy? The Lie is legion and endless!

I’ve given you a miniscule part of the big picture. Everything I’ve stated can be researched and proven. Do it. I can’t hold your hand, so I’m just going to deliver some few facts and a true perspective. We’ve been deceived, we’ve allowed it, and we think that we’ve prospered in it. We’re deluded. But there is hope if you want to do a little work and dig for it. Hope isn’t a feeling, and it’s not free. Hope is entirely about God’s Kingdom coming to the Earth to set things right and it’s based firmly on the Spirit of Truth that is in opposition to the spirit of this age of the world.

In the four centuries since the Synod of Dort, we’ve seen evil flourish exponentially. Oh, everybody sees it or senses it, but since we believe that we can’t explain it we end up largely ignoring it and carrying on with our hopeless lives and pretending to be happy. Being “happy” has become the foundation for every decision we make, and the truth is that “happy” is a lie. We’re never satisfied unless we’re “happy,” and we do not remain happy for very long if our happiness isn’t refreshed with some new thing or experience. If we’re happy, we can ignore the details…we can ignore the truth because it doesn’t matter as long as we’re happy. Happy is simply a spiritual narcotic. Fulfilled should be our focus.

The spirit of the world keeps our attention fixated and away from the Spirit of Truth predominantly with two simple things: stuff (or manna – comfort and convenience) and distraction (or entertainment). A man is not a “good Christian man” if he is not providing his family with all the stuff – a house, two cars, fridge, stove, TV, you name it. This is a Calvinist ideal, that if you’re a good Christian then God will “bless” you with manna. If you’re not blessed financially then you must not be a good Christian. Something must be “wrong” with you. This is a disturbing turnabout from “with food to eat and clothes to put on we shall be content” and “no believer considered anything as their own.” To be a good Christian one must “keep up with the Joneses.” We’ve become fixated on “the rules” so that we can be “righteous and happy.” Pharisees, anyone? Do not be deceived – this is according to a design, and it’s not God’s design.

And then there’s distraction, aka entertainment. The entertainment industry has clearly shown its disdain for all things of God. Yet we continue to pay it homage and allow ourselves to be mesmerized by it as if we’re looking in the eyes of a serpent (which we are). Politics, movies, sports, video games, the media – these are all methods of distraction. Every time that we buy a movie we feed the beast that will devour us in the end. Even the social clubs we call “church” are a distraction from the Truth. It’s all by design. Doubt me? Read this:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government (Author’s note: Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, and Wall Street, all run by the big banks) which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of (Author’s note: Robert Zoellick). This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda  

Who was Edward Bernays? For one, he was the nephew of cocaine-addict Sigmund Freud. For another, he was an acolyte of H.G. Wells and Cecil Rhodes, men who conspired to “take the government of the whole world” as Mr. Rhodes put it (Rhodes was financed by the Rothschilde family). And they all three were dedicated Fabian Socialists, meaning, extreme fascists. Only the few should determine the lives and choices of the many, as Bernays stated above. And yes, Cecil Rhodes founded the popular Rhodes Scholar program as a means to achieve his stated end. Sadly, it worked. Bernays was also the first and primary consultant hired in 1928 by the new CBS national radio (founded by a CFR member) to determine their broadcasting policies.

What does any of this have to do with the way things are today? Well, Calvin was conducting an experiment in Geneva. At first, it failed and he was run out of town. He left, reorganized, and returned. The second time he was “successful.” In Geneva, he set up the first Social Democrat (fascist) government in history (the same form of government as Hitler’s Germany, which the American Bush family financed and propagated…research Prescott Bush). He did it in the name of Christianity. It was brilliantly and maliciously executed with assistance from the French throne and the Roman Catholic Church, and it determined the course of the world to the present day. It also transformed the Knights Templar, through Rosicrucianism, into Freemasonry and established the bedrock for what is now known as the United States of America as well as the establishment of the major sciences. In fact, Calvin has often been referred to as the “father of America” and the “father of the Constitution.”

The Founding Fathers. The Patriots. Our heroes. Maybe we should do a little homework instead of believing revisionist history. Example: Benjamin Franklin. How dare I besmirch his revered name? Here’s how:

Franklin was a scientist, a writer, and a diplomat, and as you know deeply involved in the development of the structure of the emerging United States of America. We all know this, I think. What most people don’t know is that he left his wife to die while he spent 17 years in Europe cavorting with nobles, financiers, and numerous women, fathering a score of illegitimate children in the process. So, let’s ask the question: Why was he spending so much time with the very people from whom he was attempting to wrest the Americas?

Why did he pen “Poor Richard’s Almanac” which basically pronounced that a person doesn’t need the Word of God to make good decisions – they can be made in a humanist manner.  It’s well known that Franklin was a “ghost writer.”

I’ll disclose that I can’t absolutely prove what follows – yet. But decades of research all point to one conclusion: Franklin was playing a much bigger game than the establishment of a free United States of America. And he’s possibly the author or co-author of a notorious, insidious, dangerous, evil document that is most often referred to as “The Master Plan.”

Why do I come to this conclusion? Briefly, :

  • Franklin is often quoted as not being a believer and stating that religion “has its uses.”
  • He spent 17 years in Europe with the very people who had much to gain or lose with the establishment of the USA and the implementation of the Master Plan.
  • The document, discovered by accident in 1785 and thus shaking the foundations of government in Europe, is written in a manner almost identical to Franklin’s writing style.

Most people have never heard of this world-shattering document. I advise you to look it up (It’s on this site in “The Church Masters”), because it prophetically states everything that has occurred in the last two centuries to the tee. It is about the destruction of the world order and of everything about God and the means by which it will be achieved. And only a great intellect with a deep humanist mindset and the proper connections could construct its contents. Franklin is literally the only candidate of the era who fits the criteria.

What does this mean for us today? Read above – it happened as described in 1785. And that is why the truth of what I’m writing to you can’t be denied. At the time of its discovery, the Master Plan states that the plan had been developed for centuries. And looking at those centuries closely, one can discern the development. Their primary motive? Prevent any repeat of the Waldensian Herecy. It would destroy them or at the least greatly hinder them. How to achieve this? Co-opt Christianity.

“The most wonderful thing of all is that the distinguished Lutheran and Calvinist theologians who belong to our order really believe that they see in it the true and genuine sense of Christians religion. O mortal man, is there nothing you cannot be made to believe?”

Adam Weishaupt, Supposed Founder of  The Illuminati (Don’t believe this…The Brotherhood was around way before Adam Weishaupt)

If I haven’t already offended you then I want for you to take a deep breath and count to ten – two or three times – before you form an opinion on what comes to follow. It won’t be easy.

The Adversary (aka Satan) said to Yeshua that all the kingdoms of the world were his possession. And Yeshua didn’t refute him on this point. If all the kingdoms of the world belong to Satan until Yeshua ha Messiach returns to restore the order of God, would this not include the “kingdom” of the United States of America? And why should we be surprised that it has developed into an evil presence run by evil people? And have you ever wondered why, when the Queen of England visits the United States our President kneels to her on our soil? We won, right?

Wrong. We didn’t “win.” We were cleverly duped into believing that we had won our freedom. What? Am I going too far? No, I’m not. There is plenty of incontrovertible truth surrounding this statement.

Let’s not fool ourselves. These were very powerful Rulers and Bankers who had established empires and had controlled them for centuries. Yes, it was too much to fight a determined force in America. But how can you believe that they simply gave up all that wealth? No, they formulated a plan as they have always done. And in my opinion Benjamin Franklin was the Sarah Palin/Ted Cruz of the day on steroids.

So let’s back up a bit. Who is running the world and its kingdoms until the return of Yeshua ha Messiach and His Ecclesia? Satan. Period. Wake up and look around you! Whenever you vote, no matter how you vote, you’re casting a vote for Satan’s system. And no matter how you vote he will use it to his advantage. He currently holds all the cards. Why? Because we keep buying his stuff and we keep supporting his political system. The original Ecclesia turned their backs to the political and economic systems of the day. The Word of God makes this very clear. Yeshua was in enemy-occupied territory and He knew it. And that was the reason for every single thing that He did. Why did Yeshua choose to not go political according to the wishes of His mother, His family, and His followers? Because He knew that He couldn’t win permanently against Satan in his kingdom in that way.

So, in this light, let’s examine the establishment of the United States. It was designed with a Christian veneer (as Franklin stated, religion has its “uses”) by Freemasons (Calvinist Huguenots) with the backing of several banking powers without which it could not have “succeeded.” Almost immediately, the seemingly brilliant and iron-clad Constitution began to be compromised. Just one of these compromises occurred under Andrew Jackson and, impossibly so it seems, was defeated (study the many-headed-hydra of the central bank in the days of Andrew Jackson). Was it defeated? No. It was a test run for what was to come: The Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, and the IRS.

“The love of money is the root of all manner of evil.” Actually, the word is not money, it is manna, Earthly things that give all of us an illusion of personal power.

After a century of the compromise of the Constitution, Theodore Roosevelt openly invited Fabian Socialism into the United States. Shortly thereafter, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve was developed at the bequest of the (supposedly) newly formed Council on Foreign Relations. For those of you who don’t know, the CFR is the body that determines policy for both of the predominant parties in the USA as well as for the media. It is not the voter who decides – it is the CFR who decides for us. The CFR relies heavily on three institutions that it controls: Wall Street, the Media, and the CIA. The CIA is only a fraction of the international intelligence community – MI5/6, the Mossed, the FSB (KGB), the Mujahedeen…they all work together for the same people. The big bankers. They were all formed and developed (initially) by the Rothschilde banking empire and have developed along with and coinciding with every policy change that occurs. Do your homework. It’s true. Research the Medici, the Hapsburgs, and of course the Rothschildes.

Here’s a little clip that might help to open your eyes a little:


In the late 1970s a man emerged, via George H. W. Bush, who was given the task of destroying the middle class economy of the United States. Most people have never heard of him, but I mentioned him earlier. In essence he ran the country (into the ground) for 30 years. Why? The middle class had to be dis-empowered because they were too strong.

His name? Robert Zoellick. His history? :

  • Appointed by H. W. Bush to be the lead in the China Trade Agreements
  • Appointed by H.W. Bush and continued under Bill Clinton as the lead in NAFTA
  • Ran Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Subsidized Housing Division from 1993-97 (this is when all the hedge fund activity occurred that resulted in the demise of the US housing market)
  • 1998-2000 worked for Goldman-Sachs and was the Director of the Vulcans and the Project for a New American Century which developed plans for war with Iraq, and managed the Presidential campaign of George W. Bush
  • 2001-2008 was defacto POTUS. Ran the Bush White House and determined all policy as “Under Secretary of State” and “Under Secretary of the Treasury”
  • 2008-2013 – Was awarded a Chairmanship with Goldman Sachs (who really made out in the TARP and Bailouts) and appointed by G.W. Bush to be President of the World Bank
  • His stated goal? One world economic system and one world currency
  • The US dollar and the US economy had to be destroyed to accomplish George H. W. Bush’s One World Order – his “big idea”…the continuation of the Third Reich. Robert Zoellick accomplished this assignment
  • And yes, he’s a major player with the Council on Foreign Relations

Obama was just the next step. And Trump is just a pawn for the next step of Hillary, just as McCain and Romney were pawns for the ascendency of Obama.

There is so much more that there is not room for in this writing. The fact remains that we are all willingly ruled by one evil entity: the powerful who dictate the love of manna via their lord, The Adversary. And we support this system while declaring ourselves to be “believers.” Very sad, very true. And we pay them to control us by buying their “goods”.

Reader, you are living in a Matrix, a dream world, in which you believe you have the power of decision and/or the power of choice. But this is not true as long as you believe the system of the spirit of the world of this age. And the Word clearly states that the world system is run by the Enemy, the Adversary, Satan, the Liar. How can it be that what I write here is false?

When they discover this paper, they very well might find me and kill me or silence me or undermine me in some way. And maybe you as well for reading it. Yeshua said, “If they kill me they will kill you.” If you have His Love of the Truth. It’s happened before many times.

        Am I deluded? Test it. Dig deep and search for yourselves. Your existence, whether corporally or spiritually, is in the balance.


  1. Gordon

    Come as you are means, it doesn’t matter what you have done, if you confess & truly repent you will be saved. You become a new creation in Christ. God forgives us for our sin, not to continue to sin, but to change our mind about, repent, change directions by changing your mind. Begin to seek God, not religion, and live for Him. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all unrighteousness. We live for Him, obey Him because we’re saved. We don’t obey to be saved but, because we are saved.

  2. Barbara

    WOW! I wish I could leap the Atlantic and shake your hand!
    You’re the far better writer, and you know a few things that I didn’t (eg, the Franklin document), but otherwise I could have written *every word* of that myself. I just wouldn’t be able to summarise it all so succinctly. But you have managed to. I salute you!

    I’ve come to exactly the same conclusions, based on a probing reading of the Bible and years of intent observation of the world. And I often feel like the only person on the planet seeing it. So what a wonder to read this!! :oO

  3. Matthew

    Great article brother…such depth and yet I know the rabbit hole goes so much deeper…Thanks for sharing this truth! Prayers for protection to you and your family…

    • admin

      Thank you much, Matthew!